“Capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of men will do the wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.” 

John Maynard Keynes

Ignisense presents “The Capitalist”, a nation-wide event where one would need to prove his proficiency in Finance. If number-crunching is your forte and money-making your passion , the world of finance beckons you to test your mettle and employ your analytical skills in order to win the game of money.

Test your skills in the dimension of finance and retain your throne if you can.

Venue: SIIB, Pune

Date: 24 February, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM onwards



A team must consist of 2-3 members. 

A student cannot be a part of more than one team.

Only applications received within the registration time frame will be accepted.

Any deviation from the above will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team.

 There is no restriction on the number of teams from an institute.

Decision of Organizing Committee will be binding in case of an issue/tie/discrepancy.

Registration deadline (IST): 13 Feb 2023 17:00 hours




Unlock your potential with this exhilarating quiz where you will be screened on the basis of your quick answers. This is a mind-bending round riddled with various challenges for finance enthusiasts, that will not just tickle your brain cells but also keep you on the edge throughout quest.

Quiz Window: 13 Feb’ 23 18:00 hours to 20:00 hours

ROUND 2:  finarena (online)

Are you a current affair enthusiast or a creative thinker? Well, the second round will take you through the journey of combining your creative thinking with real-time situations bringing out the best of innovations within you wherein you will present yourselves on virtual platforms.

Submission Window: 14 Feb’ 23 13:00 hours to 16 Feb’23 13:30 hours

ROUND 3: Solutie De Case – The Ultimate Strive for Solution (offline)

What’s a management competition without a case study? This round will have you work on a real-time case study driven by an industry expert wherein you will have to analyze the scenario presented and come up with an efficient solution in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Submission Window: 21 Feb’ 23 11:00 hours to 24 Feb’23 17:00 hours


For any further queries, kindly mail us at


Prizes worth ₹35,000/-