Nil Satis Nisi Optimum – Nothing but the best is good enough.

This Latin quote perfectly sums up the essence of today’s competitive world.

At THOUSAND FACES, the flagship event of Ignisense we present you with the opportunity of proving yourself an astute manager.

One who is perfectly at ease wearing a 1000 different hats, as the situation so demands.

Over the course of two days, participants will have to overcome a plethora of challenges that will test their skills to the limit.

So, come prepared for an exhilarating ride and be ready to distinguish yourself from the crowd of a 1000 different faces as the ultimate winner.

Venue – SIIB,Pune (Online Platform)

Date – 6th Mar’ 2022

Time – 11.00 AM onwards



Participants should register in a team of 2-3 members

Participants must be pursuing MBA or an equivalent post-graduation course.

There is no restriction on the number of entries per institute.

Only applicants registering within the stipulated time frame will be eligible for participation.

Organizers retain the right to check the validity of registration information at any point of time.

Any discrepancy in the same will result in immediate disqualification.

In the event of any issue/discrepancy/tie the decision of the organizing committee will be final binding.

Registration Deadline(IST): 19th Feb’ 2022 18:00 hours




This will be an online quiz designed for participants to rack their brains to answer questions about a wide range of business sectors such as Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, and even more.

Date : 19th February, 2022

Time : 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Quiz duration: 30 minutes.


Who will emerge as the King or Queen of Bad Times? Now it is time to level up! As a team, you have to rescue the brand of your choice from controversy and fix the brand image! Each team will be required to choose any one scenario among the given three, wherein they will be assigned with a powerful though controversy-ridden brand. As a result of this controversy, the brand’s overall future is at stake! So churn your wheel of resourcefulness and crisis management!

Submission Deadline : 27th February, 2022

Time : 11:59 PM


Got the taste of the second round? Now let’s take this challenge two steps ahead, and you need to dive deep into the intricacies of your PR strategy and ultimate resolution on this whole controversy! In this round, the participants will prepare a detailed PR strategy for the scenario selected in round 2. The team will be judged on the basis of their unique and amazing ideas to solve the problem. So sail your ship to conquer the corporate world. All hands on deck!

Submission Deadline : 5th March, 2022

Time : 10:00 PM


For any further queries, kindly mail us at


Prizes worth ₹50,000/-