Ignisense presents its Flagship Management Event – Thousand Faces

In this age of collective consciousness, we are looking for a team with skills to lead organizations from dark times to unexplored market avenues, who could prove to be astute managers and could perfectly fulfill their duties even in unprecedented situations.

Over the next few days, participants will be tested on their ability to overcome different challenges by using their management forte. Each round will not only test the mettle of the entire group as a whole but also of each of its members. Only the team that will rise to the challenges at every stage will get their hands on the ultimate prize.

Venue – SIIB,Pune

Date – 24 February, 2023

Time – 11.00 AM onwards



Participants should register in a team of 2-3 members

Participants must be pursuing MBA or an equivalent post-graduation course.

There is no restriction on the number of entries per institute.

Only applicants registering within the stipulated time frame will be eligible for participation.

Organizers retain the right to check the validity of registration information at any point of time.

Any discrepancy in the same will result in immediate disqualification.

In the event of any issue/discrepancy/tie the decision of the organizing committee will be final binding.

Registration Deadline(IST): 13 Feb, 2023 17:00 hours



ROUND 1: Trial by Trivia (online)

This will be an online quiz designed for participants to rack their brains to answer questions using all of the knowledge you have acquired from the various management spheres.

Date : 13 February, 2023

Time : 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Quiz duration: 20 minutes.

ROUND 2: The Creative Hat, Howzat! (online)

Each team will be required to select one of the three scenarios in which they will be given a strong but conflictual brand. These will be a combination of logistical, financial, and PR-related crises. The teams are free to make this round as captivating and inventive as they see fit.

Submission Deadline : 16 February, 2023

Time : 6:00 PM

ROUND 3: endgame (offline)

The teams will be required to use the presentation to prepare a thorough strategy for the scenario chosen in round 2, which you will then present to the judges. A comprehensive overview of potential solutions should be presented, along with the reasoning behind all previous team decisions.

Submission Deadline : 24 February, 2023

Time : 5:00 PM


For any further queries, kindly mail us at


Prizes worth ₹50,000/-