About Us

“Our endeavor is to start an odyssey which will inculcate in us the zeal and spirit to embrace the galaxy of brilliance in our midst and will lead us all to laurels of fame and glory.”

IGNISENSE is the Annual flagship cultural, management and sports fest of SIIB Pune. The paragon of youth events, that captivates and binds more than 15,000+ youngsters at a time under the vibrant roof of SIIB, is here once again to enchant and tantalize all the hearts. IGNISENSE has entertainment, fun integrated with awareness and responsibility, creating a holistic and magical environment making this event grand, extravagant and worthwhile. IGNISENSE invites students from all around the country to put their ingenuity and aptitude to test at an unparalleled level of competition. This spellbinding event has enthralled the young souls for a glorious decade now, and aim’s at taking the 2022 edition of IGNISENSE to the pinnacle of success. IGNISENSE is ready to light up Pune’s skyline with its epic celebration of passion, talent, and life.”