“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

-Robert Swan

Sustainability has to be a way of life to be a way of business.

Therefore, future managers must come up with suitable business models that are cost efficient as well as sustainable for a secure future.

IGNISENSE– the annual cultural, management and sports fest of Symbiosis Institute Of International Business, Pune brings you SYNERGY. The participants get a chance to bring a change, the change we all want to see. Let’s take up the challenge and prove a point and make a mark in Energy and Environment. Join us to create a better future, a better earth.

An event that is tailored for future managers and entrepreneurs to put their skills in a battle of wits against the best in the field of management with the ultimate goal of building a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Venue: SIIB, Pune

Date: 24 Feb, 2023

Time: 09:30 AM onwards



A team must consist of 1-3 members with one of the members nominated as the team leader.

All members of a team should be from the same institute.

Team can be cross specialization.

A student cannot be a part of more than one team.

Only applications received within the registration time frame will be accepted. 

Any deviation from the above will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team.

There is no restriction on the number of teams from an institute.

Decision of Organizing Committee will be binding in case of an issue/tie/discrepancy. 

Registration deadline (IST): 13 Feb, 2022 17:00 hours.



ROUND 1: Prajwala – Ignite The Mind

A quiz designed for the participants to rack their brains in order to answer questions pertaining to basic awareness of sustainability, energy sector and environment.

Quiz window (IST): 13 Feb 2023, 21:00 hours to 23:00 hours 

Total number of questions: 20

Time allotted: 18 mins.

ROUND 2: Envision – Vision Beyond The Present

Each team has to propose a solution that solves a problem related to sustainability. The solution can be a service/ product or any method of your choice. Explain why the solution is appropriate for a specific problem they are attempting to tackle. 

Submission window (IST): 14 Feb, 2023, 13:00 hours to 16 Feb, 2023, 18:00 hours 

ROUND 3: Parihara – The solution

Pull up your socks it’s time to present your hard work and life-changing solution/product to the judges. You are required to adequately explain the scale of the problem and the scope of the solution by the product.

Submission window (IST): 22 Feb, 2023, 15:00 hours to 24 Feb, 2023, 13:00 hours 


For any further queries, kindly mail us at

Final Round: 24th February, 2023

Venue: SIIB, Pune


Prizes worth ₹35,000/-